About Café Dinicious

Café Dinicious is a must visit little hub if you love your Sri Lankan flavors. Dinicious opened on the 26th of November 2016. We certainly have made our mark on the local food landscape by giving you a true feel and taste of Sri Lankan home cooked food. Picture yourself sitting at a café , surrounded by art and quaint little figurines from Sri Lanka's kandyan history.

A pack of your favorite Lamprai arrives at your table, banana leaf unfolded on a 'pan-wattiya', filling the air with aromas that is sure to make you nostalgic. That is exactly what you will be getting at Dinicious! You can take a walk down memory lane with your friends and family seated around a table on a weekend, enjoying some good old fashioned hoppers , made to order. Reminisce good times while devouring a mound of tangy Kottu-Roti, that will strike all the right chords along with a ginger beer by your side. Sit by the window and enjoy a cup of your favorite barista made brew, with a slice of your best loved gourmet cake or a pot of Ceylon Tea and a couple of pan rolls to get your winter day going. If you are still resolved to stay at home but keen on enjoying some home cooked goodness, you can get the Dinicious Curry Packs that will last you an entire week with a variety that will keep you coming back for more.

Come summer time you can look forward to themed evenings giving you Sri Lankan fusion flavors that will have you weak in the knees. Their 'chilly crabs' and 'hot butter cuttlefish' nights haven proven to be a crowd pleaser and the assortment of 'Achcharu' is bound to give your salivary glands a good work out! There is no better feeling than washing it down with tall glass of wood-apple juice or belli-fruit juice... when was the last time you even thought of those fruits? You can be updated of their latest by liking and following them on Facebook at Café Dinicious.

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